Woman Leaders, Teachers & Students In The Bible

3 February 2012

Holy BibleWoman Leaders, Teachers & Students In The Bible

  • Jochebed:  Moses’ mother.  Protected and surrendered Moses for his God ordained called to deliver the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage.
  • Hannah: Hannah’s prayer was remarkable, foretelling how David’s dynasty would be founded.
  • Miriam:  Prophetess and one-third of the children of Israel’s main leadership, along side of her brothers, Moses and Aaron.  She led hundreds of thousands of women in worship through song, dance and music in celebration of God’s deliverance from Pharaoh through the Red Sea.
  • Deborah:  Prophetess and judge over Israel.  She summoned Barak to military leadership and
    helped him triumph over Jabin, a Canaanite king, bringing forty years of peace to the land.
  • Huldah:  One of four women in the Old Testiment with a true prophetic ministry.  Although the
    Prophets Jeremiah and Zephaniah were also active at the time, King Josiah consulted Huldah
    regarding the Book of the Law (material that probably forms the core of Deuteronomy).
  • Isaiah’s Wife:  Referred to as prophetess in Isaiah 8:3.  Mother of two sons who’s names meant:
    1)  God is about to bring judgment upon His people, and 2) An outpouring of God’s mercy and grace is coming to the remnant of people who will remain faithful to God.
  • Ester:  A Jewish orphan turned Queen strategically saves herself and all the Jewish people.
  • Anna:  Luke reported the prophetic activity of the elderly Anna in the Temple (2:36–38),
  • Mary at the feet of Jesus:  The silent prophet whose adoration still speaks after 2000 years.
  • Eunice, Lois:  Mother and grandmother who taught Timothy before he became Paul’s “son”.
  • Priscilla:  She and her husband,  Aquila, were tentmakers, church leaders and missionaries who traveled with Paul. Priscilla & Aquila taught Apollos “the way more perfectly”(Acts 18:26).
  • Lydia:  Paul’s first convert in Europe and the first member of the church in Philippi, which was in her home.  She was a successful single or widowed businesswoman who was hospitable to Paul and Silas and cared for them following their imprisonment & beating (Acts 16:49).
  • Philip’s four daughters:  Recorded in Acts 21:9 as,  “virgins, which did prophesy.”

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