When Will I Ever Believe God

23 June 2012

I Believe GodWhen Will I Ever Believe God?
Christian Bible Teaching by Teresa Missildine Mustar
June 23, 2012

The Israelites had been rescued from 400 years of hard labor under cruel taskmasters, saw numerous plagues wipe out the Egyptian king and his army, walked through a river bed of the Red Sea on dry land as water heaped upon itself and closed behind them as the last person was safe, were guided by God in a cloud by day and a fire by night, were miraculously preserved from thirst and hunger and were fed with coriander-like manna which fell from heaven as dew each morning.  Yet…they rebelled.

I have seen God’s hand at work.  God has brought food when there was little food, cleared thousands of dollars of debt, brought miraculous provision through a stranger to keep my car road ready, showed us favor to move without money to pay for deposits, healed my body from numerous “incurable” conditions in an instant, and the list goes on and on…  Yet…I still doubt God’s provision.

Why?  Is it easier to doubt and worry than to trust God for the supply? Only by His grace is He patient with my lack of faith.

God is waiting on me to change.  I choose this day to change my thinking.  I choose this day to claim the rights of a favored child of God.  I choose this day to thank God continually for His provision because I KNOW it is on the way!

  • I have had enough of doubt, worry and fear and I know God is tired of it, too!  Today, I take the stand that I will trust God.  I will take authority in Jesus over worry, fear and doubt.
  • Today, I take the stand that I will tithe a tenth and more to God’s kingdom.  This is not because God needs it, but because I am choosing to be obedient and to give the best of my first fruits.
  • Today, I agree to allow God to set me apart from the world of compromise.  I choose this day to serve God and not the requirements of man.
  • Today, I chose to be still and know that GOD IS GOD.  I agree to take action when, how, where, why and with the ones whom God appoints.
  • Today, I declare that I am a willing vessel ready to be used by God for His glory.  I do not have selfish motives.  I do not need recognition.  I do not need a title.  I do not seek a ministry.
  • Today, I stand for God, even if at times I stand alone (according to the world’s standards).
  • Today, I choose not to murmur.  I am free to love as Jesus loves.  I choose to forgive.  I choose to walk in health, wealth, joy and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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  1. thank you for all you have done and all the time you spend in the presence of God…you are truly a blessing in my life…

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