16 March 2017

angelAligned With Strength of Angels Who Are On a Mission To Usher In Destiny Dreams! Your Victory Relies on Angel Armies On Assignment! Your Victory Is Sure! And You Will Watch Pieces ” Fit Together” That Previously Could Not! Instant Connection With The Father’s Will! Branded With the Holy Seal and Marked As Heaven’s Signature Displayed Proudly! This Is My Doing and I Will Do the Connecting! A Hidden Message Now Comes to Light to Reveal Secret Things! There is Great Meaning In What I Do Today!!! Just Sit Back and Enjoy The Show! A Glimpse of Glory Wings of Protection and Immediate Intervention! Showing Myself Strong! Keeping Up Appearances of Divine Nature! Strength Comes in the Form of Angel Masses! My Angel Strength Comes for Divine Deliverance – Giving Access Into Uncharted Pathways! Piercing Into Darkness to Reveal Hidden Treasures! So… The Word for Today is “HIDDEN TREASURES”!!! Just For You! See Great Value and Glory Illuminated Gifts From Heaven! The Feeling’s Not Yours to Keep Hidden !!! But to Speak Loudly in Heavenly Places and Unknown and Unseen Goodness Will Lead Straight Into My Presence! Watch Closely! We Going To Do This Thing Right!!!

~ His Word From My Journal ~  Barbara Frontiera

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