16 March 2017

victoryDear One, To You The Sound Of Victory Will Come In The Form Of Massive – (Huge. Vast. Immense. Great. Mighty. Impressively Large.) Breakthrough … One So Extreme That The Heavens Will Open Up Above You and Appear Up-Close-and-Personal! My Message Will Be Clear and Strong and Very Personal! It Is Time For a Now Word to Dig Even Deeper Than Any Word I Have Ever Given You! That’s Why These Last Two Words Have Been So Hard to Hear! These Profound Messages From Heaven Will Pierce Through Great Darkness to Get to You! Keep a Real Open Communication Line is Crazy Valuable to You and Yours! Resistance is Losing Power. Even As You Write This Word… But By the End of This Week Even the Natural Service will Show a Stronger Signal. So Watch for Your Supernatural Communications Signal to Surpass Your Best Days of Hearing Me! In Order for My Messages to Be Heard … I First Must Have a Dear One Who Is Willing to Be My Voice! Be My Voice, Barbara, You Will Find that Walking In the Gift of the Prophetic Enhances a Greater Desire for My Presence and a More Passionate Heart For Mine!!!

~ His Word From My Journal ~  Barbara Frontiera

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