The “I Am” For Our Every Need

31 January 2012

The “I Am” . . .For Our Every Need

Sooner or later, everyone will be beat up, battered, bruised, and burned out by the daily issues of life. Good news! God is Lord of all of your life. List every need and emotion that you are feeling, no matter how inconsequential they seem. After you have acknowledged all your emotions and needs, go through the names of God until you find the expression of His character that meets each need. For every need, there is a corresponding attribute of God. Affirm that God is still God, no matter how you feel. Have a praise party, not a pity-party, for your loving Father is a big God. He is able to do much more than you need or can think or ask.
He is for our needs
Abba Father when we need fathering
Acceptance when we feel unwanted
Adequacy for our inadequacy
All-sufficient in our hardest situations
Amen, true witness when we are tempted to lie
Answer for our uncertainty and questions
Author of faith for our unbelief or doubt
Bread of life for our spiritual hunger
Bridegroom when we need companionship and cherishing
Bright morning star for the darkness in the valley of the shadow
Broken and spilled out for us when we’ve been used
Burden bearer when we are heavy laden
Before all things when we’re surprised
Cleansing for our defilement and shame
Closer than a brother when we are lonely
Comforter who wipes away tears in our griefs and sorrows
Defender when we are under attack
Deliverer, liberty for our bondage or captivity
Door-opener when it looks like there’s no way out
Sure foundation, solid rock when we’re shaking and insecure
Faithful friend when friends fail us
Fullness when we’re empty
God of details when we’re frustrated
God of love when we feel unloved and need a hug
God who is there when we feel alone or abandoned
Guide and way when we’re confused and need direction
Grace when we’re too hard on ourselves or others
Humility for our pride
Joy when we are depressed
Keeper and Protector when we are vulnerable
Lifter of our heads when we feel oppressed and weighed down
Long-suffering, slow to anger when we have blown it again
Mercy for criticism and unkindness
Mighty God, my strength for our weakness or temptation
Never failing, the same when we are fickle and faithless
Overcoming victory for defeat and depression
Plumb line to stand against the world’s situational ethics
Prince of peace when we are stressed, worried, and confused
Provider for every financial need
Quieter of the storm for afflictions without and struggles within
Reconciliation for breaches in relationships
Rest when we’re tired and can’t go on
Restorer of our souls when we’re bruised and beaten down
Reviver, living water when we are depleted, barren, thirsty
Satisfaction when we’ve tried everything and come up empty
Song, praise, psalm when we’re joyless and heavy of heart
Spirit of the Lord when we need to be set free
Our strength when we’re weak
Trinity unity for mending separation
Truth when we’ve been lied to
True riches when we’re tempted to covet the world’s wealth
Vengeance is the Lord’s when we are angry and wronged
Wisdom for our hard choices
This is merely a beginning. Use another page to make your own list as a personal affirmation that God is your Need-meeter. He is the LORD, the Most High God who reigns over all. To whom else would we go? He alone is the Word of eternal life. Glory! 
God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM” has sent me to you (Exodus 3:14). P’ The phrase “I AM” in Hebrew is closely related to God’s personal name, Jehovah or Yahweh or YHWH (Exodus. 6:3), which occurs more than 6000 times in the Old Testament. It suggests the timelessness of God, the very foundation of all existence. Revelation 1:4 also may suggest this, “from Him who is, and who was, and who is to come.” Jesus probably alluded to this in John 8: 58, “Before Abraham was born, I AM!” Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever (Heb. 13:8). Source: “The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible, ” compiled and edited by Spiros Zodhiates. PMG Publishers, 1984. Key note at Exodus 3:14. 
Prayer Portions © 1991, 1992, 1995, Sylvia Gunter, P.O. Box 380333, Birmingham, AL 35238 USA. Used by permission.



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