The Creator of The Universe Gives Back

1 December 2014

brilliant_star_universe_04_hd_pictures_166310Earlier this year, I stood in the boardroom of a company in Connecticut speaking with a nice young man in a crisp business suit.  He began explaining to me why he was no longer a Christian.  He had checked out the Bible, but no longer believed that it was inspired by God.  He reasoned that men had written the Bible and surely mistakes were made.

He went on passionately about the need to avoid all negative people.  He was adamant that his spoken words ruled the universe because “the universe gives back.”  I am not sure if he was trying to convince me or convince himself of the “truth” in his new found “enlightenment” that there are many ways to God.  (a contradiction to John 14:6, “No one comes unto the Father, but by Jesus.”)

I listened and smiled graciously, because I knew this was one of those God appointments and I would have the opportunity to plant one or two seeds.  I prayed silently, “God, what am I supposed to say?”

The gist of my response was that the principle of sowing and reaping with our words is in the Bible (Proverbs 18:21,  Galatians 6:7-9) and that we should be cautious to acknowledge God as the creator of the universe (Hebrews 11:3) who has the power to take and to give back (1 Samuel 2:6-7).

One of our hosts announced that our rides to the airport had arrived, so we exchanged a few quick pleasantries and he thanked me for listening.

All the way to the airport, my heart broke for them, both “him”, the young man in the business suit, and “Him,” God!  Can you image how God must feel when a quasi-Christian believer makes the conscious decision to reject a relationship with his or her Creator in exchange for glorifying the created universe?

Like this young man, many people have discovered that it pays to have a side business in addition to regular employment.  Tax advantages and extra income are definitely positives, but what about the negatives of New Age life coaching?  I would encourage anyone considering a home-based business to diligently check out the training system.  Does it encourage speaking only positively because the universe gives back?  Does the training system advocate avoiding all negative people?  Is the training based on SELF-improving personal performance or is it based on a TRINITY-reliant performance improvement system built on a personal relationship with God through the blood of Jesus Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit?

I have come to the conclusion that many well-intentioned people fail at business (and also ministry and relationships) because they are asking God to bless something that is not fully honoring Him.  With that in mind, consider praying this prayer:

“Father God, if I have ever blamed you for not blessing my ungodly efforts, I’m sorry.  I repent.  Guide me please.  I thank you for creating the universe and everything in it!  I ask for your help to speak what is pleasing to You and to receive your blessings.  Help me to help even those who are negative because You help me even though I can be negative.  In the name of Christ Jesus of Nazareth.  Amen.”

Teresa Missildine Mustar

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