The Bride of Christ

2 February 2012

The Bride of Christ

Just as Adam and Eve were “man” created in God’s image (Genesis 5:1-2), both women and men are “bride”.  There is no difference with God.  He doesn’t favor male, female, Jew or Greek (Galatians 3:28).   We are all

His beloved.  Adam slept, or died,  just as a seed must die in the earth, in order that his death and resurrection could bring forth much life through the life of Eve, his bride.  Jesus, the second Adam, became a seed buried in the ground so that redeemed life could come forth, his bride.  With Jesus’ temporary death, the Adamic fall, the curse, all rules, dominions, and principalities were subdued!  All rituals of worship, all religious traditions, as well as, the prince of darkness and the kingdom of darkness were conquered!

The cross and blood of Christ swallowed up ALL enemies,  including death, so that you and I have the option of living as the Bride of Christ eternally!  I was crucified with Christ!  You were crucified with Christ!  My prayer is, “Help us look through spiritual eyes and see ourselves and others with the eyes of love through which You, our Creator, see your creation.  Grant us the boldness and freedom to evangelize the world—with your power, mingled with love—for your glory!  Come quickly,  Lord and Saviour, consummate the marriage between the created and the Creator!  Amen.”

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