Praying the Words of Jesus : Post 3

19 February 2012

I Love Jesus3Matthew 5:13-16  Praying The Words of Jesus “The Similitudes”  Salt and Light.

Lord, I want to flavor the earth with your savory goodness.  Help me to be the right kind and amount of salt to the earth and to be received by men and women, boys and girls by adding to their lives.  Give them an appetite for You and for me, Lord.  5:13

I am a light of the world, a city set on a hill to be seen by others, not to draw attention to myself, but to draw attention to Father God in heaven.  Jesus, you are my Light and my Lampstand, You give Light, Yourself, to all that are in my house.  Jesus, the Light, that is within me shines brightly before people so they do not see me, but they see the good works I do with the right motives and they glorify You Father God in heaven as I glorify You. 5:14-16


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