Praying The Words of Jesus : Post 2

19 February 2012

Golden Cross2Praying The Words of Jesus Matthew 5:3-12 “The Beatitudes”

Help me, Lord, to be poor in spirit; to be humble and to not be a position seeker.   Help me to recognize my spiritual inadequacies, and become a new creation in You, Christ (2 Cor 5:17).  For thenthe kingdom of heaven is mine. 5:3  Help me, Lord, to know how insufficient I am to handle life in my own strength and mourn with humility because of my insufficiency  and be comforted by your great sufficiency. 5:4

Help me, Lord, to not think of myself as better than anyone else regardless of how they act, think, look, talk or even smell…You love them the same as you love me.  Help me treat everyone with the same level of respect.  I walk this day in meekness and humility and your Word says that I will inherit the earth. I will delight myself in the abundance of peace as I operate in meekness.  (Ps 37:11) 5:5

Lord, you are the only one that is righteous, but I hunger and thirst for your righteousness, and I know you will fill me.  Help me use my time and resources wisely and to be filled with your light only. 5:6

Lord, thank you for your mercy.  I show mercy today to others and to myself as I obtain your mercy. 5:7  Thank you God for giving me a pure child-like heart.  Thank you that I see You in others and I am aware when I do not see You in others.  Thank you that you are visible to me.  5:8

Lord, help me to always be a peacemaker.  When I am tempted to agree with troublemakers, help me to put out the flames of strife, anger, jealousy, pride, ambition, fear, control and offense with a kind word or deed and to avoid adding fuel to the fires of their antagonism.  Thank you for calling me your son/daughter, God.  5:9

When I am persecuted for righteousness sake, help me to remember how you lived and died and now live, Jesus.  I must die to myself in order to never be offended and I must always forgive quickly those who hurt me.  I refuse to believe the lies of the enemy and to allow myself to stay offended.  I know that I have a long way to go in this area, Lord.  Help me daily to receive the kingdom of heaven as I roll all offense over on You, Jesus.  5:10

I am blessed when people hate me and persecute me and speak evil against me falsely because I am following You, Jesus.  5:11  I will rejoice and be so very glad because You count me worthy to be persecuted for Your sake, just as Your prophets who You sent over the years were persecuted for Your sake.  You paid the price on the cross for these words and deeds, Jesus.  I do not have the right to be selfish and waste time mourning for myself and I refuse to be tormented by offense.   5:12


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