Praying The Words of Jesus : Post 1

11 February 2012

Spiritual Life Bible Keys1Praying the Words of Jesus
Matthew Chapters 3 and 4
“Three Temptations”

Lord, help me to fulfill all righteousness in my life.  3:15  May the heavens be opened unto me and the Spirit of God  descend on me like a dove 3:16

And may you, Father God, say, “This is my beloved, (Your name),  in whom I AM well pleased.” 3:17

And when I am tempted of the devil by needs and wants, including food, may I live by every Word in the Bible instead of fulfilling my fleshly desires.  4:4

When the world questions by Sonship, may I not tempt God by wanting Him to show off for me. 4:7

When I am tempted by riches, pride and positions of this world, may I worship The Lord My God only 4:10

Lord, make good my command that the devil leave me and send your angels to minister to me. 4:11

Thank you, God, that Jesus is the GREAT LIGHT that destroys both darkness and the shadow of death 4:16

I repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  4:17

I will follow you, Jesus. Make me a fisher of men. 4:19

Help me to obey your commands with wisdom and enthusiasm.  May I not get tangled in the trappings of life, but leave them behind and follow you immediately. 4:20

Jesus, just as you went about teaching and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all sickness and disease among the people, 4:23

help me to take every opportunity to be among the people in order to make You famous when You heal all diseases and torments, all possessed with devils, all epileptics, and crippled people.  For you healed them, 4:24

(and you say in John 5:20, Greater things shall I do as Your disciple.)

Thank you that great multitudes will accept you as their Savior as YOU heal them.  4:25




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