Praying The Words of Jesus : Post 4

19 February 2012

Cat4Matthew 5:17-19  Praying The Words of Jesus “Jesus Fulfills The Law”

Lord Jesus, I believe that You came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets.  Your Word says that not one jot or tittle will pass away from the Law until all is fulfilled.  Thank you, Lord, that after all is fulfilled, then heaven and earth as we know it, will become new.  5:17-18

Lord, help me to keep your commandments and to teach your commandments correctly.  I don’t want to break your commandments and I don’t want to ever teach anyone to break your commandments.  When I do this, Lord, I ask for your abundant forgiveness.  I do not want to be the least in Your kingdom of heaven, I want to be great in Your kingdom of heaven.  How you measure this, I don’t know.  I suspect that greatness in Your kingdom is bringing souls to You and loving You and obeying Your Word.  Teach me your ways, God. 5:19

I want Your righteousness, not the righteousness of the broken, deceived religious establishment of today.  I want to enter Your kingdom of heaven.  I ask for wisdom to understand how to operate in Your kingdom of heaven now. 5:20


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