16 March 2017

havefaithJust Between You and Me… Stretch Those Faith Muscles and Believe for the Unbelievable! The Miraculous! And the Suddenlies! Because They Are Coming! Coming So Soon That Your Level of Anticipation Should Be Skyrocketing About Right Now! Never Before Has There Been Such Excitement For Those Who Have Been Assigned to You and Yours! They See It Up Front and Personal. Right About Now The Joy is Uncontainable! And This Goes Beyond a One-Time / One-in-a-Million Event… It Stretches Even Further! So Stretch Your Faith and Begin to Feel the Excitement That Rumbles for You! You Will Be Amazed at How All the Pieces Are About to Fall Into Place! Tiny Details Will Not Go Unnoticed. You Are About to Be Overtaken By The Father’s Love! His Hand’s About to Move on Your Behalf! And No One Will Be Able To Stop What Heaven is Coming Down To Do! It’s Like An Atmosphere on a Parade Day… Everyone is Ready to Watch With Excitement . Well, it’s Something to Celebrate! A Parade of My Goodness and Blessings Bountiful!!! Just Wave !!!

~ His Word From My Journal ~  Barbara Frontiera

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