16 March 2017

GodatworkSomething Big is Coming! Something Huge! And it’s Going to Change Everything! Complicated, Precise, Define Happenings Will Make for Amazing Opportunities for Me to Show Myself Real! Things Will Be Said Like, “There is Lightnings on Each One of Them!”, “Are My Eyes Deceiving Me?”, “What Do We Have Here?” Despite Worldly Opinions of Me… Much Will Be Changed Because of This! Viewpoints, Perceptions, Mindsets, that Will All Be Changed! Which will Cause the Lies to Be Exposed! Walls to Collapse! Strongholds to Be Shaken! I am On the Verge of Something So Great! So Big! So Huge! So Miraculous! No One or Nothing Shall Be Able to Stop Me! And Once I Get Started… Oh, It’s On!!! Be Sure that the Confusion, Darkness, and Doubt will Be Completely Lifted Off of My People! Especially Those Who Have Held On For So Long and Who Have Refused to Give Up or Let Go Even When My Promises Haven’t Come Into View Yet. I’m Telling You… Breakthrough Is Coming On Such a Large Powerful Scale that “Focus” will Clarify Why the Struggle Has Been So Real. Hold On, Daughter of Zion! Destiny Will Be the Driving Force for What’s Coming! There’s No Stopping Us! All Of Heaven Awaits With Great Anticipation and Expectation! It’s Going Down For Real!!!

~ His Word From My Journal ~

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