Love Letters From Jesus | Article 1

4 February 2012


Friday, February 4, 2011 (#6 of 6)
From the Pen of Teresa Mustar
Posted Exactly 1 Year Later on 2/4/2012

Just as in the Song of Solomon in the Holy Bible, seven chapters also called the Song of Songs, the Bride and Groom communicate their love.  The Bride, represented by the Shulamite woman, is also an allegory for the Bride of Christ, the remnant of the church for which Jesus will again return.  The Groom, represented by Solomon, is allegorical for Jesus and His love for this remnant preparing for His return.

(The Bride to Jesus, Her Groom)
How precious the moments in your presence.
Sweeter than the vine.
Glory rolls at Your immanence.
Power to praise.
Power to withstand.

(The Groom, Jesus, responds to His Bride)
Who is to know the radiance of My glory?
Who is to know the radiance of My glory?
Who is to know that kings shall bow down?
Who is to know that kingdoms shall tremble?
Who is to know that I return to judge?
Know and see that others know.
Glory is My coming.
♥Superfluous the Navigator shall return.
(♥Superfluous:  Being more than sufficient or necessary; in excess.)
Return to retrieve My promise.
My promise of true love.
How be it, that others shirk their responsibility?  Responsibility of love.
Tell the world that I return.
Return to redeem them, return to judge.
Order up My prosecution.
Will it be proud or praise?
Proud cannot be defended.
Praise I will give to those not proud.
Pride causes any to fall.
In ministry, in trials and in truth.
Do not be discouraged when it is under the blood—washed clean.
Trials and trials and more trials.
You have weathered many a storm   ….
I have a plan.
Do not let it falter.
Destiny written in the stars.
Kill sin and hope wins.
Note that I did not say that hope abounds when sin is not present.
That’s right, sin is present, hope abounds.
Hope to erase the past and secure the future.
Forgiveness is free to those who ask in My name, free at last.
Excuses hinder the explosion of My kindness.
Erase excuses and stand, don’t hide.
Face the wrath of My judgment filtered through My Son’s blood.
Arise, Oh, lover of my soul.
Execute judgment filtered through love.
Love that enhances the ♥cottering pin of justice; the cotter pin of love.
         (♥Cotter Pin:  Used to fasten two things securely.  God’s judgment and justice, secured by love.)



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