16 March 2017

prizeKeep Your Eyes On The Prize! My Heart Is For You! My Plans Are Good! It’s My Will That You Prosper Even As Your Soul Prospers! Soon the Benefits of “Holding On” Will Become Evident! My Plans, My Thoughts, My Ways Make No Sense Sometimes, But They Are Mine!!! My Purpose Becomes Clear When You Keep Your Eyes On Me and What I’m Doing! You’ve Got Your Father’s Eyes, My Daughter, and the Gift of Seeing and Knowing My Heart! Look up! My Path Clears The Way To My Presence – Where Hope is Renewed, Joy is Restored, & Destiny is Discovered! It’s Where My Whispers Become Loud and Clear! And Where Heaven’s Secrets are Shared! You Belong Here! A Place Where Daddy’s Love Embraces Every Part of You! Come Up Here, Above the World’s Chaos and Soak In The Father’s Love! Breathe the Air That I Breathe and Be Refreshed, Renewed, and Revived!!! There’s No Hiding From Me Barb! (I know God) You’ve Been Hiding Behind Your Failures, Numb By The Fear of Trying Only To Fail Again! (I’m sorry, Lord) Rise Above By Keeping Your Eyes On Me, So I Can Show You My Glory!!! When You Stare Into It Long Enough… It Exposes All Darkness, Any Shadows and Turns You Into Pure Light For All To See! And When They Look At You … They See Me!!!

~ His Word From My Journal ~  Barbara Frontiera

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