Judgment Day – A Woman’s Conversation With God

3 February 2012

A Woman's Conversation With GodJudgment Day – A Woman’s Conversation With God

Oh, please forgive me God, I didn’t know…

“Daughter, it was there in your Bible…I know you had a Bible, you had several Bibles.”

Yes God, but…I tried reading sometimes, but I just couldn’t understand…

“I sent a couple to you asking how to be saved…you told them to go to the Pastor because you didn’t want to usurp authority.”

Well, he can talk better than I…

“You felt Me tugging on you to teach the Young Adult class,  didn’t you?”

Yes—but there were men in that class and somebody made a comment that…

“And you went with your husband to all those ballgames and movies when you knew that I wanted you to spend some time with Me.  Did you ever think of asking him to stay home with you and Me?”

I wanted to, but…

“And when you wanted to worship Me, but you didn’t want to draw attention to yourself.  I was wanting to draw you to Me.” 

I’m sorry, Lord…but I was at church and…

“And when I put a message in your heart and in your mouth and you kept quiet while souls were slipping into eternal damnation?”

I always wanted people to get saved, but I didn’t feel that I was the one to…

“I said to read My Word in spirit and in truth and interpret all scripture by scripture.” 
“I said, GO ye therefore, and teach all nations!” 
“I was talking to all them that believe!  I was talking to you!”
“Yes, you may come in, but, Oh, how I wanted you to bring so many others with you.”

If God sees us, His creation—both men and women— in His image, without partiality, what are we waiting on?  Must we gain permission of others to go forth and fulfill the great commission while millions slip off into eternal agony while God waits?

When God spoke to Adam and Eve to “go forth” in Genesis, it wasn’t a suggestion.  Neither was it a suggestion when Jesus told his disciples to “go forth” as recorded in each of the gospels.  It was a commandment to both men and women then, and, because God is still the same yesterday, today and forever, “go forth” remains a commandment today!   WE MUST GO!
















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