10 February 2016


Just reading in John—Wow!!!!  Jesus was so radical!  Here are some thoughts…

Jesus infuriated the church people.  Holy men of God accused Jesus of being a devil.  How old are you?  You cannot hold any wisdom.  You cannot be the promised Messiah.  You came from the wrong side of the tracks.  You are not educated.  You are not from a wealthy family.

Jesus taught the he did what his Father God told him to do.  Jesus did what he saw his Father do.

Some believed and some did not.  Most did not.  But, how can this man do so many miracles.  There has never been anyone like this!

Jesus said eat my flesh and drink my blood.  Ouch!  That did not sit well with his disciples, or with the church folk.  Jesus spoke of the spiritual, not the physical.  Drinking his blood and eating his flesh meant accepting Jesus as Christ and his suffering as life—our eternal life.

They denied Jesus as Christ.  We deny Jesus as Christ daily!  Bibles are not seen very often in public.  And, if they are, who is getting the glory?  Tithes are paid online…or maybe…they are not.  We say we pray, but do we really?  Where is the power to heal?  When is the last time you have heard someone pray in public?  When was the last time I prayed in public?  Let’s get radical for a radical Jesus!

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