Jesus Is Not Into Attraction Marketing

6 March 2012

Jesus LogoJesus Is Not Into Attraction Marketing.

Christian Bible Teaching By Teresa Missildine Mustar
March 5, 2012

“Will you do what I ask you to do?”

That was the question that God spoke to me years ago.  I, at first, answered quiet flippantly, “Yes—Lord”.  “Will you do what I ask you to do?,” was His reply, only this time in a much more stern, yet saturating, loving voice.

The conversation continued with a time of me laughing at myself and included a covenant being sealed between myself and Almighty Father God!  He sealed it with a powerful bolt that hit me like a lightning bolt in the left rib cage.  I know I was asleep and that this was happening between my spirit and the spirit of God—because the jolt awoke me.  I will never forget the conversation and the sealing of the agreement I made with Him.

That was about six years ago.  A lot has changed.  As a matter of fact, everything in my life has changed…except God!

I now am at another cross road.  I lost my job because I was sick over five months ago.  As of three weeks ago, I am now healed!  PRAISE THE LORD!  No medicine and I now have enough energy to function.  During that time, my husband and I have faced difficulties, but the Lord has supplied what we have NEEDED!  A door has opened for a work at home opportunity for a Fortune 500 company in the energy industry….so ironic….I’m now the Energy Girl!  A month ago, I didn’t have the energy to walk from one side of the house to the other.

I have created two websites with the help of Scott Riggs, my best friend’s husband, who has been a patient instructor.  Both sites are operational. and

I was led to come out of the system of a home business that I love—-!  Come out of the system?  What does that mean?  How much of “come out of the system” do I have to come out of?

There lies the commitment to God to not compromise NO MATTER WHAT!  If God is not pleased with a system that follows the principal of “attraction marketing” and “the universe gives back”, then what am I to do?  Where does my tangible, earthly business support come from?  Who do I do 3-way calls with?  Do I attend the training meetings online?  It has been frustrating, but not as frustrating as working diligently, but not have God’s blessing on anything that I touch that is associated with this business.

But, now I am at the point that I am at total peace!  Why?  Because I know my God lives and reigns!  He has said that He will be my system.  He will do this business.  In that, I put my trust.  I take my hands off….I totally trust Him to build this business for me.  I have no choice, but to trust!  What I have done for months isn’t working…It’s your turn God.  I give in and give it over to you!  PLEASE SHOW OUT!

Why is the attraction marketing so appalling to God?  That question, I am asking as well.  A couple of things come to my mind, but I encourage you to seek the Lord in prayer for yourself.  A friend said, “We as God’s creation cannot create with our words.  Only God created with His words—the Universe!”  Good point, wish I had of thought of that one.

Other Scriptures that come to mind are, “We cannot add one cubit to our stature” (see Matthew 6:27 and Luke 12:25).  In other words, God is a jealous God (see Deuteronomy 5:9 and 32:16) and expects His children to trust in Him and not in ourselves and not in His creation to give back.  God is our supply and our strength (see Philippians 4:19 and Psalm 46:1).

Jesus was (and is not) not into attraction marketing.  Just the opposite.  Jesus was attracted to the hurting, hopeless and homeless.  He didn’t leave them in their despair, Jesus brought them an answer.  He did not avoid negativity.  He engaged it and changed it!  Jesus had no darkness in Him.  He carried the healing power to change things—-to move mountains in people’s lives.

If we avoid the hurting, we disable our relationship with God. Selfish ambition soon takes over and we become lost in our own world of compromise and refusal to give to others as we have been given.  Often giving only a token to those God expects us to fully engage!  Will God continue to bless when we do not give out of our blessings?  Only God knows.

If I decide today that I will avoid all negativity, how does that affect my life?  Well, let’s consider a case study for a few minutes:

 A person is sick, struggling with finances and states that they want to be involved with me in my home business.  I’m moving on.  I don’t have time for that…I dismiss them and tell them to get their act together and call me back when they do.  What did I miss?  Maybe nothing, but just maybe I missed an opportunity to minister the Love of Christ to them.  Maybe I missed a business connection they would have brought to the table that would have solved their financial problems and helped me as well?  Maybe I failed a test to love…maybe I failed the test to pray…and maybe a dozen other “maybes”.

Maybe this person needed reassurance that someone believed in them and that their life was worth living.  We can all put on a positive, happy face for the world, but sooner or later the mask must come off.  The point is, if we avoid all negativity, then we are not following the words of Jesus to love our neighbor as ourselves (see Leviticus 19:18 and James 2:8).  Straddling the fence between living for God and living by the world’s system is a dangerous place.  God always provides a chance to turn, but then…He expects a plain decision to be made and to follow Him fully.  What’s it going to be?  If you follow the principals of Attraction Marketing, please talk to God about it.

Why does God not like the New Age system of beliefs?  Don’t get mad at me, I don’t have all the answers.  As a matter of fact, I have far more questions than answers.  I encourage you, please, pray and ask God for yourself.  God is faithful to hear and to answer your sincere questions.  Sometimes we all must give up what seems to be good in our own eyes, for God’s best!  Be courageous; make a stand and be blessed!

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