Jesus’ Blood and Flesh: Stay or Leave?

3 February 2012

forgiven cross imageJesus’ Blood and Flesh: Stay or Leave?

Why did the Jesus allow some of his followers to leave without explaining a difficult teaching regarding eating His flesh and drinking His blood?  Was He intentionally feeding them spiritual meat and knew some would choke?

Perhaps Jesus allowed them to harden their hearts just as God allowed Pharaoh to harden his heart.  Was Jesus testing their commitment to Him and to the furtherance of the gospel?  We can speculate, but only Jesus knows for sure.

We must be careful to consider all of Jesus and Paul’s actions and teachings and not apply a handful of selected scriptures meant to address specific needs of the first-century churches to ensnare and keep millions of women in spiritual bondage.  Jesus is coming soon!  All of God’s children, both men and women, boys and girls, are needed to bring in the harvest.

Souls around the world need the love of Jesus.  The boldness needed to share Jesus comes when we wait in submission on the Holy Spirit and let Him fill our houses; molding our thoughts, attitudes, emotions and wills to that of the Father.  See Joel 2:28-29, Acts 1:14, 2:2.



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