16 March 2017

listenTime… It Is Time to Listen Closely to My Spirit! I Cannot Stress This Enough! This Week I Will Be Speaking Loud and Clear!¬† So That You Can Hear Everything I Want To Speak. Prove to Me How Much You Care About Hearing By Making Sure My Time With You is Honored By Listening Very Closely! What Will Be Spoken Indeed Is Very Significant to You and Yours! It’s Imperative That You Know What I Need You to Know ! On that Note… You Need to Know How Precious and Valuable Heavenly Wisdom and Understanding Is At This Time! It’s Very Costly If You Don’t Have Ears to Hear! So Hear My Scribe… For My Whispers May Become Very Loud At Moments Because Of All the Other Noise Trying to Drown Me Out! I Need For You to Walk In The Prophetic to Make it Clear to Blind Eyes and Deaf Ears for They Are Seeing With Limited Vision and Not Understanding the Spiritual Value of Their Situations. As Long As You Make It a Point to Listen To Me. I Will Make It a Point to Speak Profoundly -” Extremely. Very Deeply. Greatly. Immensely. Exceedingly. Intensely. From the Heart. Sincerely. Oh So Mightily. Penetrating or Entering Deeply Into Subject of Thought or Knowledge. Having Deep Insight or Understanding. Penetrating to the Depths of One’s Being. )

Keep Your Pen Ready My Scribe… You Will Be Writing much!!!

~ His Word From My Journal ~  Barbara Frontiera

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