16 March 2017

godisloveI Need You to Grasp the Power of My Great Love. It is Love that Covers a Multitude of Sins! Love Does Not Discriminate! It is Not Partial! It Sees the Best! Hopes the Best! Gives the Best! It Cannot Be Turned Against Itself! It is Bulletproof! Love Need Only Whisper! Love is Most Patient! It Turns the Other Cheek! It Takes the Highroad! Love Seeks the Good and Sees the Positive! Love Breaks Chains and Lights the Path to the Father! Many Need My Love and They Need to See it, Hear it, and Feel it Through You! But You Must First Know It  for Yourself! And Once You’ve Experienced This Love… You Can Spread It Freely! Know My Love! Let Me Embrace You in a Way You’ve Yet to Experience! So that I Can Use You to Love and Embrace Others With The Father’s Love! Feel What it’s like to be Adored and Accepted! So that I Can Fill You in Order to Pour Out Of You!  Give Me the Chance to Hold You!  Embrace My Love! The Love of The Father has Great Power! Once You Know It … Share It!

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