16 March 2017

multiplyExpect Great and Mighty Things: No Limits! Don’t Try To Figure Out How or What… Just Know That What I Am Doing Right Now For You and Yours Will Blow Your Natural Mind! Don’t Stop Anticipating Because There Are Things That I Am About to Add to Your Life That You Won’t Believe It If I Told You… So I Have to Show You! Forget Addition… Begin Multiplying!!! No Known Ways of the Past Will Work in the New! So the Way Things Have Always Been Literally Will Change Drastically! Never Stop Anticipating and Expecting! Because You Have No Clue About What I Have Planned! Don’t Even Try to Figure It Out – Just Believe and Receive! Why Not Declare “An Expansion is Taking Place Even Now! I Believe It and I Receive It and I Thank You Lord for It … In Jesus Name and For His Glory!!!

~ His Word From My Journal ~ Barbara Frontiera

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