16 March 2017

wise1  When you feel you are in a holding pattern, God is preparing a new runway (Romans 5:3)

2  When you are humbled by your failures, God is celebrating the silent successes (Proverbs 22:4)

3  When you look in the mirror and see struggle, God is appreciating your ageless inner beauty (Psalm 45:11)

4  When you are standing in faith, God is strengthening your feet and legs (Luke 22:32)

5  When you are questioning your decision, God is measuring your commitment (Psalm 37:5)

6  When you think your time has passed, God is resetting the clock (Genesis 17:21)

7  When you are facing Goliath and his brothers, God has handpicked your five stones  (1 Samuel 17:40)

8  When you are accused and ridiculed, God is causing their weapons to fail  (Isaiah 54:17)

9  When you have been accosted by the wolf in sheep’s clothing, God is the shepherd tending your wounds (Mathew 7:15)

10  When you are in a sinking ship, God is preparing you to walk on the water (Mathew 14:29)

11  When you are in the valley of decision, God knows your choices  (Joel 3:14)

12  When you land in the whale’s belly, God restores the mission upon repentance (Jonah 1:17)

13  When you are cold and scared, God is sharpening the sun rays (Genesis 1:17)

14  When you are beside yourself, God is between the two halves (2 Corinthians 5:13)

15  When you are called to do the impossible, God has already set the impractical in motion (Luke 18:27)

16  When you find yourself confined to the pit, God is decorating your palace (Genesis 41:42)

17  When you sit by the stream waiting for a word, God sends the raven to feed your soul  (1 Kings 17:4)

18  When you have an issue, God knows who touched Him in prayer (Luke 8:44)

19  When you are wounded by words and deeds, God restores the soul (Psalm 23:3)

20  When your eye causes you to sin, God desires to restore vision to look upon Him (Luke 11:34)

21  When wicked words hurt and sting, God soothes with the oil of joy (Isaiah 61:3)

22  When the pressure to succeed presses, God supplies a tree to climb  (Luke 19:3-4)

23  When there is vacancy in your house, God sends Holy Spirit to occupy the space (Luke 11:21)

24  When the appropriate fruit is chosen, God magnifies its sweetness (Galatians 5:22-23)

25  When you pray a fervent prayer, God avails much to heal and make right (James 5:16)

26  When iniquity is in the heart of man, God desires to clean and renew through the washing of the Word (Ephesians 5:26)

27  When you are troubled on every side, God is present, victorious and at work in you (2 Corinthians 4:8)

28  When you question the meaning of life, God causes a baby to smile and touch your hand  (Genesis 21:1)

29  When ceaseless injustice comes your way, God is marshalling the floodgates of heaven  (Malachi 3:10)

30  When death has a sting, God has already applied the blood of Jesus as the antidote  (1 Corinthians 15:55)

31 When eternal life is in question, Jesus is the only way to Father God  (John 14:6)

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