Courageous Women In Ministry

3 February 2012

Courageous Women In Ministry

Thousands of women deserve be high lighted as courageous warriors for Christ Jesus, including Lottie Moon’s friend, Annie Armstrong, or perhaps the spunky modern-day teacher, Beth Moore.  A special “God Bless You” goes to all women who do God’s will daily without expecting a “thank you.”

Then And Now

Lottie MoonCharlotte (Lottie) Moon (1840-1912)
One of the first women to receive a Master’s Degree in the 1800’s.  Lottie was fluent in eight languages and was often consulted by the Baptist Foreign Mission Board to help shape policy.

She often fought for the rights of women in ministry because her mission was SOULS!  Lottie worked tirelessly for 40 years on the mission fields in China teaching, preaching, nursing, writing and mentoring other single missionaries, as well as men, women and children.  She often visited 200 villages per quarter spreading the gospel and helping plant churches.

A Chinese war was stopped to allow the tiny giant of faith to pass safely.  She survived life-threatening shipwreck, persecution and plagues, but died penniless of starvation and exhaustion while leaving China.   Over 50% of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board’s budget is from the mission fund that carries Lottie’s name.  The Lottie Moon Christmas Fund is used to support over 5,000 missionaries around the world.

Gwen ShawGwen R. Shaw  (Born 1923)

Leaving her home in Canada at age 23, Sister Gwen served as a missionary to China from 1947 to 1963 where she experienced the triumphs and tragedies of total submission to God.  This mother of three sons, then founded a ministry in 1970, “End-Time Handmaidens” based on Joel 2:28-29 and Acts 2:17-18.

God sent a messenger to tell Sister Gwen that an army of women were standing idle in the market place, whom no one had hired and that they were waiting to hear the call to go out and serve Him in the harvest fields of the world.  Since then she has ministered in over 100 nations.

Tens of thousands of people have heard the Gospel message spoken and written through this mighty woman of God.  Thousands of men and women intercessors serve under the banner of End-Time Handmaidens and Servants with prayer and fasting.  When Sister Gwen isn’t on the mission field, she resides in Jasper, AR near the ministry headquarters, “Engeltal”, which means “Angel Valley”.

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