16 March 2017

prayerYour Hunger has Never Been Wasted! That desire for More, Different, New, The Real has Come From the Depths of Your Inner Man. Your Cry is a Life-Changer! Your Cry has Not Fell on Deaf Ears! Every Moment Spent Asking, Seeking, Praying, and Singing has been Written Down in Heaven! I’m about to Tip Over Your “Bowl” of Prayer, Sacrifice, and Supplications, and Pour Down Over You the Reward Due! For the Bowl is at Its Tipping Point. Full to the Rim. Ready to Overflow. Get Ready to Overflow With Not Just Joy.For When I Pour … I Pour !!! Keep Your Eyes on the Prize ! For There Is a Prize Coming!!! And Every Bit of These Past  2 Years Will have Been Worth It All! Know This… I Am Not About to Throw Away Everything That I Have Been Doing Inside of You. What You have Been Through, You will Look Back and Thank Me for it Turning Out the Way it did! It’s About Breakthrough Time! Don’t You Dare Stop Now! We Just About to Get to the Good Stuff, the Fun Stuff, the Sweet Stuff! Stand Your Ground and Dare Not to Be Moved! For I Know Where You Are and I Know Where I’m Taking You To! Move When I Move! Go Where I Tell You To! But Until Then Refuse to Be Moved!!! Not by the Devil For He’s About to See Your Long-Awaited Dreams! and Not by Your Circumstances for They are About to Change Drastically! Stand Strong for Your Season Is About to Be Changed!

~ His Word From My Journal ~

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