16 March 2017

blessedTime Means So Much. Every¬† Minute Desiring My Presence will be Accounted for. It is the Time that is Invested in Me that will be Rewarded Well! The Heart’s Cry of the Seeker is Being Heard Loud and Clear! Even When it Isn’t Loud and Clear to The Seeker… It is to Heaven’s Ears! The Sound of Hunger for More is Echoing Through Out Space and Time! Even the Faintest Sigh or Moan is Being Noted! The Time is Coming Very Very Soon When the Spiritually Hungry Will Not Have to Settle for a Morsel. But They Will be Filled and Satisfied Instantly! Receiving From Heaven That Which Will Sustain Them. The Hunger for Something Different and Solid Will Only Drive One Into Never Settling Again! The Real Manna From Heaven is About to Rain Down and Sustain Life, Energy, and Health to the Spirit Man! As a Result… Strength To Overcome! The Ability to Rise Above will Come Naturally as Spiritual Hunger is Satisfied With Kingdom Substance! The Spiritual Senses Will be Overwhelmed by the Sights, Sounds, Smell, Touch and Taste of Heavenly Delights This World Knows Nothing About! Extraordinary Strength Will Come to Those Who Will Feast at My Table, the Tasty New Dishes Will Keep You Coming Back for More! The Spiritual Healthy Will Do Mighty Exploits for Their God! Eat and Drink of Me! Be Sustained and Live Well!

~ His Word From My Journal ~  Barbara Frontiera

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