Chilling Things are About to Happen

ExodusChilling Things are About to Happen! Like Exodus… You Don’t Mess With My Children and Get Away With It! They Will Rise Against Them and They Will Suffer the Consequences! My Love For Them Will Cause My Holy Fire to Burn Against Those Set Out for Their Demise! Remember the Egyptians and their Army, Many Were Struck Down and Not to Mention the Earthquake that Swallowed  the Rebellious. My One Angel that Struck Down Thousands. The Philistine Army. The Philistine Rulers When Samson Avenged in My Might. The Roman Armies… Etc etc etc… Yes I Am a God of Love, But I Am Also a Father! Who is About to Reveal My Wonders for All the World to See ! And the News Media Will Not Be Able to Stop It From Being Seen and Heard! My People Will Have Countless Testimonies of Their Mighty God!!! A Father’s Love Will Come to the Rescue on Many Occasions! They Have No Idea Who They’re Messing With! You Will See, My Daughter and It Shall Not Be a Small Chain of Events! It Pays to Know Who Your Father Is and What He is Capable Of! I’m Not Telling You This to Pray Against My Plans… I am Revealing It to My Prophets and Scribes, for When It Happens They Were the First to Know! Daddy’s  Here Now!!! There Will Be No Denying That!!!

(Wow that’s a huge word Lord. )

That’s Because I’m a Huge God and What I’m About to Do is Going to Be Huge!!!

~ His Word From My Journal ~  Barbara Frontiera