16 March 2017

divineinterventionYou’re About to See Me in a Way that You Have Yet to Experience! You’re Mighty God is About to Show Up! Extra Ordinarily, Mighty, and Strong on Your Behalf! A Way So Different, Yet Uncompromisingly Sure of a God Thing! A Divine Intervention! I’ve Told You… Others Will See and Know Who Has Your Back!!! It’s Going to Be Undeniable and Unexplainable!!! Other than, ” It’s My Mighty God Working on My Behalf!” Clear and Loud the Message will Be! I Told You… Restitution is Coming! Restoration is Coming! Recompense for the Suffering! It’s coming!!! The Path This Moment Leads You To Will Be the Path of My Will for Your Life!!! Most Assuredly… This Changes Everything for You!!! Unrestrained Favor of God and Man!!! I’ve Told You… My Goodness will Become Your Testimony! And I will Receive All the Glory Because of it! Keep Your Eyes Open! Not Many Days From Now You Will See and Know Exactly What I’m Talking About! So Make Sure that No Matter What … in Sickness and in Healing in Health or Whatever that You Keep Watch for the Miraculous and Then Glorify Your Heavenly Father for that which He Does on Your Behalf!!! And Make No Doubt About It… It’s About to Surface Very Soon!!!

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