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So Many Times I Have Spoken About Your Freedom! So Many Times It Has Been Decreed and Declared … Yet So Many Times When Looking At the Natural You Have Been Far From Free! But What You Don’t Realize Is That There Have Been Many Times Freedom Has Come ! In Many Forms and In Many Ways! Just Look at the Many Times You Have Been Free to Give! Not Just Financial Seeds But the Giving of Clothes,  Food,  Words, Etc. I Have Declared Your Freedom! Read more →

“Pharaoh, Let My People Go!”—–God

Sonrise“Pharaoh, Let My People Go!”—–God

Around 1440 BC, God sent ten plagues upon Egypt as great judgments for keeping the children of Israel in physical and spiritual bondage for 430 years.  The plagues included blood, frogs, lice, flies, disease, boils, hail, locusts, Read more →