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Hope In Jesus


It is not unusual for me to be contacted by a suicidal young person about once a week.  This week was a doubleheader.   Two young people I care very much about were reaching out for a reason to live.  They do not know each other and live a thousand miles apart, but they have so much in common. Read more →

Forgiveness, Soul Wounds and the Workings of the enemy

Forgiveness unlocks healingForgiveness, Soul Wounds and the Workings of the enemy

Christian Bible Teaching
By:  Teresa Missildine Mustar
March 2, 2012

I went to a women’s only service tonight.  I was unexpectedly asked to come and pray with a lady that was having problems with her back.  The Lord gently spoke, “forgiveness”.  I new that this sweet lady had to forgive someone, or perhaps several people, in order to receive her healing.  Read more →