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havefaithJust Between You and Me… Stretch Those Faith Muscles and Believe for the Unbelievable! The Miraculous! And the Suddenlies! Because They Are Coming! Coming So Soon That Your Level of Anticipation Should Be Skyrocketing About Right Now! Read more →

When God Says Yes

hlphnd2When God Says, “Yes”

Many times God answers a heartfelt prayer with “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe…If” or with “Silence”.

What is the reason for this perceived silence? Read more →

When Will I Ever Believe God

I Believe GodWhen Will I Ever Believe God?
Christian Bible Teaching by Teresa Missildine Mustar
June 23, 2012

The Israelites had been rescued from 400 years of hard labor under cruel taskmasters, saw numerous plagues wipe out the Egyptian king and his army, walked through a river bed of the Red Sea on dry land as water heaped upon Read more →

Understand God’s Word on Money, Possessions and Gifts

Understand God’s Word on Money, Possessions and Gifts
Friday February 3, 2012
By Tammy Riggs

If we handle our money properly according to the principles of the Bible, our fellowship with Jesus Christ will grow and strengthen. If we squander our money, our fellowship with Him will suffer.

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