Praying the Words of Jesus : Post 5

23 February 2012

Spiritual Life Bible Keys

5Praying the Words of Jesus  Matthew 5:21-26

Murder, Anger and Forgiveness

Lord, help me not to be angry with anyone, because in you judgment, being angry at someone without a cause is the same as murder. (5:21) Committing murderous anger brings your judgment.  Lord, help me not to insult anyone today.  Lord, help me not to call anyone by a murderous name.  Help me, Lord, to not judge anyone by thinking that they are not saved and are in danger of hell fire, but to show and speak your love, so they will not be condemned by me, but be drawn by you and therefore, avoid the fire of hell.  Give me wisdom to control my mind, will and emotions and my tongue.  (5:22)

Lord, as I come to you in worship, remind me of what I need to repent of and of what I need to turn from.  Lord, if I need to leave my place of worship and seek out a person that has something against me, give me courage and humility to do so.  I ask for you to prepare their heart and my heart for reconciliation.  I will then return to you and offer my gift of worship.  (5:23-24)

Lord, I don’t agree with satan and his lies, but I will come to an agreement with a person with whom I have a disagreement quickly while I am on the way with him.  I repent quickly as you bring conviction of my sins as I walk with you on the path you have prepared for me.  If I am handed over to the judge unfairly due to jealousy, false accusation or abuse of another or due to my own sin, I know You, my righteous Judge, will judge fairly.  When I am handed over to the officer, may you Jesus, my saving Officer, acquit me of all charges because of your great victory over sin and death on the cross by the shedding of your blood and because of your great victory of the resurrection and because of your great victory as you intercede in Heaven for me and for others who affect me.  (5:25)

God, if I do not forgive, if I do not repent and turn from my wicked ways, then I have given the enemy legal rights to hold me in a prison of sin and oppression.  God, I want to pay the last penny of forgiveness and repentance, so that I may live freely without bondage and in Your presence.  Because, in the Light of Your presence is fullness of life; full salvation of eternal life, health and freedom! (5:26)


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