If You Die Right Now : My Age of Accountability

29 January 2012


God spoke to me early on a Saturday morning and awoke me.  When most 9-yr-old girls are excited about Saturday morning cartoons, He called me by name  and said, “If you die right now, you are going to hell.”  His voice was the most loving I had ever heard, but He was serious.

I started to tell God that I wasn’t such a bad kid…and the fear (reverence) of God came over me.  I stopped and realized what I was doing.  I took a few seconds to gather my thoughts…I was asleep just a few seconds earlier.

“I know, God, that I am a sinner.   I know your Son, Jesus, came and died on the cross for me to take away my sins.  I don’t want to sin anymore, but I know that I will sin.  So, God will you help me not to sin.  I promise that if you will help me that I will do my best to live for you the rest of my life.”

That was pretty close to my prayer.  The love of the Lord swept over me starting at my feet and swam up over me slowly.  Such total peace, such unlimited love.  I still remember and love to enter into that same presence of God during worship!

I bathed in God’s presence for a while and got up and watched cartoons.  I kept these things in my heart…just me and my best friend, J-E-S-U-S…until…meeting Pastor Brown at the mailbox.  (see part 2)

(Note:  God has been perfect in helping me not to sin.  That’s the job of His Holy Spirit that He sent as my Comforter (Acts 2).  I have fallen down and even ran away from God many times, but He is my faithful Father ready to forgive when I sincerely turn from my sinful ways.)


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