Spiritual Victory Testimonials

30 January 2012

Young Muslim Comes To Christ

An awesome God took us to Kazakhstan on three occasions for several months each. The primary purpose was to help their individual businesses to compete in the world market. This required conversion from the old communist planned economy to market economy.

Opportunities abounded for expressing my faith. A couple examples:1). After dedication of a new Farmer’s Coop, a gathering for an outdoor meal of 20 Muslim wheat farmers far out in the steppe. As the most senior person they appointed me head elder. That entailed carving the head of a newly slaughtered & roasted lamb & ritually distributed the pieces (including ears & eyeballs) to each participant. The opportunity provided a Christian witness as well as becoming the prayer leader.2) A chance meeting with a young lady (17 at the time) on the streets of Ust Kamenogorsk. She was from a Muslim family. She wanted to practice her English and of course my wife and I were conversing as we walked. We were able to assist her emotionally & medically and she is now a Christian. I still converse with her via Skype about 2-3 times per month. It helps her cope as a Christian in a Muslim family & community.There are many, many more that could be related.

Charles Christiansen


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