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31 March 2012

Ms Willie Branum
March 31, 2012

“I had spaghetti with sausage and garlic bread for supper with no stomach problems…sausage usually is a big no no just ate a little but it was wonderful”

“Started using 2 shakes a day plus the vitamin packs and Vi-Slim…one of the health problems I have had is irritable bowel syndrome¬† (IBS)…I have not had a single flareup since starting the challenge…I am full of energy and experiencing less pain with my knees already…”

“2 weeks ago I had my regular check up and my cholesterol, blood pressure and weight numbers were too high…I cant wait to see the Dr again in 30 days to compare the results of a health style change that is making A HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER ME”

Willie Branum this is such a blessing for an almost 60 yo woman that works 2 jobs and runs a household for my daughter and her two children one of which is handicapped…either walk or trolley most of the places I go…I am sooooo full of new energy Thank you Patti Gallo Bryant for inviting me into the business…

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