Personal Victory

17 February 2012

Welcome to the Personal website

This is the plaHoly Spiritce to find “God News”!

We are posting true stories from around the world of personal victory in all areas of life—-spiritual, physical and physical victory.

The testimonies of  goodness posted here include modern-day accounts of miracles, signs and wonders that may challenge religious views.  Our hope is to help bring people of all walks of life into a real, lasting and deep friendship and dependence upon Christ Jesus.  In other words, we pursue a fulfilling relationship with Father God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit—not an empty form of religion!

The best thing about this site is that it is a place to find Bible Scriptures often used to help people acknowledge Jesus as Lord of life and creation,  recognize and repent from sin and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!

To some this site may be challenging—to some—the normal food from God’s table.  We just ask that you prayerfully ask God to apply a spirit of Truth to your mind and will and emotions and a hunger to search the Holy Bible for answers.  Then, get ready for PERSONAL VICTORY that can only come from our Creator, Father God!

Please submit your questions, comments, prayer requests and testimonies.  Be sure to check back often.  We are posting new teachings and testimonies daily.

May God’s face shine upon you!

Mrs. Teresa Mustar, Coordinator
Mrs. Tammy Riggs, Coordinator


If you would like to submit Christian Bible teachings for consideration, please contact us by email.



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