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20 February 2012


Personal Victorywebsite was created to support the “I Will Help” Business Co-Op Associate Members, their clients and Internet visitors from around the world.

Many peopleare searching for information on how to live a victorious life and are being advised that “the universe gives back”.  The Bible is clear that we are to worship and respect the Creator of the Universe—and not the Universe that God created.  The purpose of the Personal Victory.org site is to supply a source of  “God News”—testimonies  of personal victory for business, ministry and just plain life!

We are invitingChristian business people to post financial and personal development articles and tips that will provide useful information to those operating a business or seeking to operate a business based on the Holy Bible, the laws of God and not on the laws of man.  (A similar site is being developed now to address the needs of  ministries.)

“I Will Help”Business Co-Op helps businesses, ministries and individuals grow through the various services and talents of over 100 Co-Op associates and the use of easy-to-use video communication and social media technology that is helping some businesses to grow by 300%-500%.

100+ Membersof the “I Will Help” Business Co-Op are ready to help you!  The Founder of the “I Will Help” Business Co-Op, Teresa Mustar, has a passion for business, missions, and children.  Teresa and her husband, Darijan, work with over 100 business men and women representing many companies, several countries and various talents in a concerted effort to help businesses, ministries and individuals to succeed.

Referral NetworkWeb design, SEO, video editing, photography, telemarketing, call center management, on-site and off-site  document scanning, travel, cruise fundraising, insurance and real estate are some of the services offered by our “I Will Help” Business Co-Op referral network members.

I Will Help Co-Op:While developing each custom solution for our clients, we use a combination of technology to accomplish the best results which may (or may not) include a subscription-based service of 8 video communication and social media tools to help grow ministries and businesses for $35/month!.

Financial VictoryThere is also an amazing referral income program that is allowing thousands of people around the world to become financially free within a matter of months.  We want those thousands of people to have an alternative to the world’s teaching on business success.  PERSONAL VICTORY THROUGH JESUS CHRIST is the answer to success!

“Contact Us”for more information about the “I Will Help” Business Co-Op and the “I Will Help” Ministries Co-Op.

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