My sweet friend, Mrs. Janie, loves Winter.  She explained that Winter uncovers God’s creation to reveal the hidden beauty that is often overlooked the rest of the year.  Mrs. Janie went on to say that God sees His children in the same way.

Her reasons for liking Winter more than colorful Fall, blooming Spring or fun-filled Summer physically made me stop in my tracks to consider her words of wisdom.  I have continued to pondered this conversation for months while watching Fall turn to Winter and Winter unfold.

From the picture window in my bedroom, I watch squirrels play high in the trees and am close enough to throw a rock into Mouse Creek.  At times, the colorful leaves slowly float to the ground and at times the leaves fight the wind with violence and loose.

At one amazing moment, I caught a thick golden curtain of leaves swirling so simultaneously and almost supernaturally, that I grabbed my phone to capture the moment.  I was disappointed to learn that the swirling curtain had slowed and my video did not catch this amazing presentation of God’s creation.

To my surprise, the audio caught the joyful song of an unnamed bird calling out to its friends.  Many of my Facebook  friends “liked” the lack luster video of leaves falling with the happy bird’s song at the end.

After a lonely two month medical leave from work, I now have a new respect for Winter.  Spring is still may favorite, but I better understand Mrs. Janie’s love of Winter.

What about Mrs. Janie’s comparison of God’s creation, His children, being uncovered before Him in the same way Winter strips the elements before their Creator?

In my opinion, purposeful prayer is the Winter in our spiritual walks with God.  We must be barren and raw with ourselves and before God in order to become more like Christ.  God made us.  He KNOWS us.

We may put on a happy face as the blooms and buds in Spring, but God sees us stripped and barren in our struggles and in our fears.

We may show our family and friends the sunny face of our relationships outside of our homes, but God sees us in our lack of faith and anger.  God hears the harsh words we speak against the ones we love.  Yet, God loves us anyway.

We may dress up in vivid colors and work obsessively toward titles, raises, cars, houses and ministry positions, but God is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of our hearts  (Hebrews 4:12).

Just like Winter, I want to be stripped of self as I bow down in the glory of the Lord (2 Chronicles 7:1-3).  Then comes the splendor of Spring.  The Bradford pear trees will bloom, patches of dormant grass will become green here and there, warm days will mix with cold days and rain showers will come and go.

Thank you, Mrs. Janie, I will always try to see Winter through your insightful eyes.