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Getting Ready For Heaven


PRAISE THE LORD!  When our lives are full of God’s light and not the darkness of the world, God supplies an abundance of genuine JOY and PEACE in any circumstance! Read more →

Judgment Day – A Woman’s Conversation With God

A Woman's Conversation With GodJudgment Day – A Woman’s Conversation With God

Oh, please forgive me God, I didn’t know…

“Daughter, it was there in your Read more →

Free Indeed By Jesus’ Blood Shed On Calvary


Just as we must choose to accept salvation, we must also accept deliverance and healing.

Spiritual bondage is caused by a number of devices including Read more →

Jesus’ Blood and Flesh: Stay or Leave?

forgiven cross imageJesus’ Blood and Flesh: Stay or Leave?

Why did the Jesus allow some of his followers to leave without explaining a difficult teaching regarding eating His flesh and drinking His blood?   Read more →

A Call To The Nations

A Call To The Nations

If all Christian women felt totally free to do what God has placed in their hearts, how long would it take to evangelize the world? If women aren’t supposed to evangelize the lost, why did God Read more →

Courageous Women In Ministry

Courageous Women In Ministry

Thousands of women deserve be high lighted as courageous warriors for Christ Jesus, including Lottie Moon’s friend, Annie Armstrong, or perhaps the spunky modern-day teacher, Read more →

Woman Leaders, Teachers & Students In The Bible

Holy BibleWoman Leaders, Teachers & Students In The Bible

  • Jochebed:  Moses’ mother.  Protected and surrendered Moses for his God ordained called to deliver the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage.
  • Hannah: Hannah’s prayer was Read more →

Paul and Women

Praying WomanPaul and Women

A Jewish woman’s work began at sunrise.  After a simple breakfast of curds and bread, she walked to the nearest well or stream and filled jars with fresh water for the day.   Read more →

“Pharaoh, Let My People Go!”—–God

Sonrise“Pharaoh, Let My People Go!”—–God

Around 1440 BC, God sent ten plagues upon Egypt as great judgments for keeping the children of Israel in physical and spiritual bondage for 430 years.  The plagues included blood, frogs, lice, flies, disease, boils, hail, locusts, Read more →

The Bride of Christ

The Bride of Christ

Just as Adam and Eve were “man” created in God’s image (Genesis 5:1-2), both women and men are “bride”.  There is no difference with God.  He doesn’t favor male, female, Jew or Greek (Galatians 3:28).   We are all

Read more →

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