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Forgiveness, Soul Wounds and the Workings of the enemy

Forgiveness unlocks healingForgiveness, Soul Wounds and the Workings of the enemy

Christian Bible Teaching
By:  Teresa Missildine Mustar
March 2, 2012

I went to a women’s only service tonight.  I was unexpectedly asked to come and pray with a lady that was having problems with her back.  The Lord gently spoke, “forgiveness”.  I new that this sweet lady had to forgive someone, or perhaps several people, in order to receive her healing.  Read more →

Praying The Words of Jesus : Post 7

Couple Bikes7Praying the Words of Jesus
Matthew 5:31-32  Divorce

Thank you God for giving me ______.  Thank you that you allowed him/her to marry me even though (we were married before.)  Thank you for forgiving us of adultery—for breaking the covenant of marriage in our past.  Thank you that you don’t even remember because that sin is as far as the east is from the west in your remembrance. Read more →

Praying The Words of Jesus : Post 6

Dead End Street6Praying the Words of Jesus
Matthew 5:27-30  Adultery

Lord, help me not to lust after anyone or anything in my heart.  I avoid situations and language that encourages me to commit adultery in my heart.  Whatever causes me to sin, I will stay away from it.

Praying the Words of Jesus : Post 5

Spiritual Life Bible Keys

5Praying the Words of Jesus  Matthew 5:21-26

Murder, Anger and Forgiveness

Lord, help me not to be angry with anyone, because in you judgment, being angry at someone without a cause is the same as murder. (5:21) Read more →

Praying The Words of Jesus : Post 4

Cat4Matthew 5:17-19  Praying The Words of Jesus “Jesus Fulfills The Law”

Lord Jesus, I believe that You came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets.  Your Word says that not one jot or tittle will pass away from the Law until all is fulfilled.  Thank you, Lord, that after all is fulfilled, then heaven and earth as we know it, will become new.  5:17-18

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Praying the Words of Jesus : Post 3

I Love Jesus3Matthew 5:13-16  Praying The Words of Jesus “The Similitudes”  Salt and Light.

Lord, I want to flavor the earth with your savory goodness.  Help me to be the right kind and amount of salt to the earth and to be received by men and women, boys and girls by adding to their lives.  Give them an Read more →

Praying The Words of Jesus : Post 2

Golden Cross2Praying The Words of Jesus Matthew 5:3-12 “The Beatitudes”

Help me, Lord, to be poor in spirit; to be humble and to not be a position seeker.   Help me to recognize my spiritual inadequacies, and become a new creation in You, Christ (2 Cor 5:17).  For then Read more →

Physical Victory Testimony 8 : Teresa Mustar

Share my journey toward PERSONAL VICTORY!

I lost my job months ago due to illness.  Today, I walked a total of about 100 feet to the mailbox and back and had to rest from total exhaustion and heart palpitations.  I am mad at the slimy little devil.  It is not God’s will that I be sick.

After years of asking God what I needed to do to receive my healing…I went to church tonight for a Bible study class on deliverance from physical and spiritual sickness. I drove the few miles worshiping. The only words that came to mind were Read more →

Praying The Words of Jesus : Post 1

Spiritual Life Bible Keys1Praying the Words of Jesus
Matthew Chapters 3 and 4
“Three Temptations”

Lord, help me to fulfill all righteousness in my life.  3:15  May the heavens be opened unto me and the Spirit of God  descend on me like a dove 3:16

And may you, Father God, say, “This is my beloved, (Your name),  in whom I AM well pleased.” 3:17

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Love Letters From Jesus | Article 1


Friday, February 4, 2011 (#6 of 6)
From the Pen of Teresa Mustar
Posted Exactly 1 Year Later on 2/4/2012

Just as in the Song of Solomon in the Holy Bible, seven chapters also called the Song of Songs, the Bride and Groom communicate their love.   Read more →

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