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Praise Report by John Mann
February 27, 2012

PRAISE REPORT…………To God be the glory for the great things He has done during the Soul-winning and Revival Services sponsored by Read more →

The Law of Jesus

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Spiritual Victory Testimonials

Desire of My HeartGod Knows The Desires of My Heart


An Dream Ultralight Adventure

Well, I never would have imagined that a dream a few days earlier that related to a blue winged aircraft and new aviation airflow technology would have led to meeting several new friends at the Scott County Airport for a dream Read more →

Spiritual Victory Testimonials

Young Muslim Comes To Christ

An awesome God took us to Kazakhstan on three occasions for several months each. The primary purpose was to help their individual businesses to compete in the world market. This required conversion from the old communist planned economy to market economy.

If You Die Right Now : My Age of Accountability


God spoke to me early on a Saturday morning and awoke me.  When most 9-yr-old girls are excited about Saturday morning cartoons, He called me by name  and said, “If you die right now, you are going to hell.”  His voice was the most loving I had ever heard, but He was serious.

I started to tell God that I wasn’t such a bad kid…and the fear (reverence) of God came over me.  I stopped and realized what I was doing.  I took a few seconds to gather my Read more →

Victory In Jesus Christ


Thank you so much for visiting this page and reading about your free gift especially prepared for you by God Himself,  the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is our prayer that this letter may be a blessing to you.  If you have not yet claimed your free gift of eternal life, and the assurance that one day you too will be in heaven, Read more →