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Ms Willie Branum
March 31, 2012

“I had spaghetti with sausage and garlic bread for supper with no stomach problems…sausage usually is a big no no just ate a little but it was wonderful” Read more →

The Law of Jesus

Crown of Jesus

Physical Victory Testimony 8 : Teresa Mustar

Share my journey toward PERSONAL VICTORY!

I lost my job months ago due to illness.  Today, I walked a total of about 100 feet to the mailbox and back and had to rest from total exhaustion and heart palpitations.  I am mad at the slimy little devil.  It is not God’s will that I be sick.

After years of asking God what I needed to do to receive my healing…I went to church tonight for a Bible study class on deliverance from physical and spiritual sickness. I drove the few miles worshiping. The only words that came to mind were Read more →

Victory In Jesus Christ


Thank you so much for visiting this page and reading about your free gift especially prepared for you by God Himself,  the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is our prayer that this letter may be a blessing to you.  If you have not yet claimed your free gift of eternal life, and the assurance that one day you too will be in heaven, Read more →