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I hesitantly take my first step onto a thick emerald carpet of evenly spaced strands of grass of the same perfect height. Read more →

The Creator of The Universe Gives Back

brilliant_star_universe_04_hd_pictures_166310Earlier this year, I stood in the boardroom of a company in Connecticut speaking with a nice young man in a crisp business suit.  He began explaining to me why he was no longer a Christian.  He had checked out the Bible, but no longer believed that it was inspired by God.  He reasoned that men had written the Bible and surely mistakes were made. Read more →

When God Says Yes

hlphnd2When God Says, “Yes”

Many times God answers a heartfelt prayer with “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe…If” or with “Silence”.

What is the reason for this perceived silence? Read more →


Hope In Jesus


It is not unusual for me to be contacted by a suicidal young person about once a week.  This week was a doubleheader.   Two young people I care very much about were reaching out for a reason to live.  They do not know each other and live a thousand miles apart, but they have so much in common. Read more →

Family History of Disease

Holy Bible

Go to the doctor, what do they ask? 

Family history of disease for generations!

Hosea 4:6—-My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:  because thou has rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:  seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Wow!  Is that another one of God’s truths?  Read more →

Lord Help Me Think

Christian Bible Teaching
Teresa Mustar
August 21, 2012

#2 Nine Word Prayer

Lord Help Me Think

Lord Break My Heart

Christian Bible Teaching
Teresa Missildine-Mustar
August 21, 2012

#3 Nine Word Prayer:

Lord, Break My Heart


Lord, Help Me to Love The Way You Love

AOKLord, Help Me to Love The Way You Love

Christian Bible Teaching by Teresa Missildine Mustar
July 27, 2012

I asked my husband to agree with me in prayer for the next seven days.  It’s a short prayer—only nine words.  #1 Nine Word Prayer

I’m sure several opportunities will arise this week to exercise my desire to love like Jesus loves.  Let’s share stories…

Obtaining God’s Pleasure

Bible KeysObtaining God’s Pleasure:
A Word From God Through Rev. Forrest Gibbs
Given To Teresa Missildine Mustar
July 10, 2012

A friend invited me to attend a church service in Sevier County led by an elderly man of God, Reverend Forrest Gibbs, Founder and President of Faith In Action Ministries.  Reverend Gibbs was visiting Tennessee under a mandate Read more →

God, Fix My Soul

Keys to the Soul“God, Fix My Soul”

Christian Bible Teaching
By Teresa Missildine Mustar
July 3, 2012

I have heard several preachers say with certainty that the soul is the mind, the will, and the emotions.  It may be in the Bible, but I don’t know of the human soul being defined so specifically.  Maybe this definition of the soul is Read more →

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